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How long can my employer legally hold on to my contributions before they are deposited in my 401(k) account? - 401K and Retirement Related Questions from Our Community Members

WealthCycles.com - Gold & Silver Investing News

(August 18th, 2009)

Question: How long can my employer legally hold on to my contributions before they are deposited in my 401(k) account?

Asked by: Peter Johnson

Answer: Legally your employer must deposit your contributions within 15 business days after the end of the month; 15 business days is usually about 3 weeks including weekends. If you do not see your contributions deposited after this time period, contact your company’s HR department and the 401(k) plan administrator and ask for the status as to why it is taking long. If you do not receive a quick reply, be ready to report this behaviour to the Department of Labour.

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